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Real-World Defense

Experience a proven method for real-world self -defense in modern times. Our classes offer comprehensive training in mental, verbal, and physical techniques, ensuring you're prepared for any situation. Learn to handle multiple attackers, navigate low-light environments, and address threats in confined spaces with confidence. Join us to master the art of self-defense and stay safe in any scenario.

Women's Self-Defense Classes

Seize control and conquer your fears with our empowering self-defense classes. Discover how to fight strategically and even the odds against any attacker. Imagine the confidence and empowerment that comes with knowing you can effectively defend yourself against anyone, regardless of size. Join us and take charge of your safety today!

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Private Lessons

Struggling with a hectic schedule or specific training goals? Our 1-on-1 private lessons are the perfect solution. Tailored to your individual needs and schedule, these sessions offer personalized instruction to help you achieve your goals effectively.

Seminars & Workshops

Whether it's for professional organizations, corporations, church groups, or neighbors, we've got you covered. Our customized seminar and workshop options cater to your group's specific requirements. Choose to host the event at your location or join us at ours for an enriching experience.

Instructor Training

For those who want to take their learning to an entirely new level, we offer our Instructor Training Program (ITP).  This is martial arts school owners, personal trainers, security professionals and anyone who is looking to learn and teach cutting edge personal defense…


Kids Bully Defense

It’s time to give our kids the confidence they need to deal with the real world out there. It’s time to give them the right physical and mental tools so they won’t be picked on by other kids or picked out as a target by a predator! If you’ve been looking for something different…


In the real world, traditional martial arts may not equip you for immediate safety in a violent encounter. Time is of the essence – you need effective solutions now, not in years to come. That's why our approach is instinctual, easy to grasp, and tailored to today's challenges. Practicality is paramount; we offer no-nonsense techniques that can be applied by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Experience firsthand why countless individuals are transitioning from traditional arts to our reality-based system. No flashy uniforms, no outdated rituals, no games—just the essential skills to ensure you make it home safely.

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Gain real confidence in your ability to take care of yourself and the ones you love. There is no reason to live in fear, you can do this, let us show you how.

Answers for Today

Mental & Physical skills

No outdated traditions or silly uniforms (we wear athleticwear). Our students learn the truth about what really works & why through reality based scenarios.

We teach awareness, verbal de-escalation techniques, and conflict psychology as well as hand-to-hand combatives, counter grappling and weapons disarms.


Gross motor mechanics that are fast and easy to learn allow you to deal with one, two, or more simultaneous attackers.

 “Getting you home safe is our #1 Priority”


Our Epic Guarentee

Risk free trial

 Give us two weeks and if you feel you have not learned anything new or increased your level of confidence, we will refund you 100% of your tuition. No BS. Who else makes that guarantee? Not many, that’s for sure.

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