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  • Mindset & Confidence

  • Awareness

  • Conflict De-escalation

  • Verbal & Psychological Tools

  • Reality Based Scenarios

  • Recognizing Pre-assault Cues

  • Multiple Attackers

  • Weapons Use and Disarms

  • Instinctive Personal Defense

  • How to be a Hard Target

  • Intelligent Personal Defense


  • NO Information on Belts

  • NO Unrealistic Training

  • NO Martial Arts Movie Moves

  • NO Sport Fighting

Real-World Self Defense

Gain the CONFIDENCE you’ve always wanted so you can deal with anything that life throws at you!

At Legacy Wing Chun, we understand the importance of safety in today's ever-changing world. Now more than ever, you and your loved ones are confronted with new and evolving threats. That's why we founded Legacy Wing Chun – to equip you with the skills you need to navigate today's challenges. Our non-sport, reality-based self-defense system is specifically designed to address real-world problems effectively. We're not about fighting; we're about providing intelligent solutions for handling and safely resolving violent situations. Our ultimate aim is simple: to give you the tools you need to ensure you get home safe.



WILL IT WORK IN THE DARK? – Attacks often happen in low-light conditions, making it essential to be prepared for such scenarios. Knowing how to react in low light situations boosts your confidence in handling any challenge life throws your way. This critical aspect of self-defense is often overlooked, but at our reality-based personal defense program, we ensure you're equipped to handle it effectively.

WILL IT WORK AGAINST MULTIPLE ATTACKERS?– In today's world, attacks rarely involve just one assailant. That's why our training emphasizes scenarios involving multiple attackers, whether you're standing, seated, or on the ground. We prepare you for the reality of facing multiple opponents in any situation.

WILL IT FUNCTION IN THE REAL WORLD?– A good program should teach you how to handle situations in real life, both indoors and outdoors. It should help you deal with different surfaces like concrete or wet grass, and small spaces like stairwells or restrooms. Our training makes sure you're ready for whatever comes your way.

WILL IT WORK UNDER STRESS?– If your training doesn't include both mental and physical aspects, then you're not preparing for real situations. Your mind controls your body, so if it freezes under stress, no amount of training will help. That's why it's crucial to train in this area!

WILL IT WORK AGAINST WEAPONS?– Whether it's a knife, gun, stick, or brick, you need to be prepared. We live in a world where weapons are prevalent, so it's essential to train and understand these scenarios. In a real-life situation, expect the other person(s) to be armed!

WILL IT PROVIDE ME USABLE SOLUTIONS?– It's crucial to respond to a situation with just the right amount of force to stop the threat and nothing more. Maintaining legality, morality, and ethics in our responses means having a range of tools and tactics for different situations. Without them, we risk seeing every problem as a nail and every solution as a hammer.

Of course, we offer ALL THIS and more. So if you're looking for REAL solutions to REAL problems, your search is over. Contact us today, we are here to help!

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